About Me

Hi There!😄
Whoever you are reading my blog, a very big thank you for visiting my blog~

I'm Jean/Jean Kuah. I used to blog at www.jeankuah.blogspot.sg years ago but decided to stop blogging as I lost my passion to blog regularly. I decided to restart my blog as I wanted to share with people my personal thoughts and views on various beauty products I had found helpful to my acne skin journey.

If you are familiar with DPR, Yes, I am also the co-founder of Dapinkrubbish Store that sells original T-shirt designs!

Why YourGirlBoss?
Yourgirlboss was derived as I used to own a few online shops/blogshops since I was 17! So I was nicknamed girl boss, subsequently I decided to use yourgirlboss as it sounded cool lol. Although saying so, I had been less active in my own business since I am currently a full time designer in the working field now.

My Skin Type.
Oily Skin.
Closed Comedones are my best friends. (They come and never goes for a long time)
The sun is my enemy and hives will join in the fun. (Sensitive to sun.)
Acnes are better, they come and go, but they like to leave their marks. (Acnes & Scars/PIH)
Pores are enlarged.

I do not have perfect skin till date but AB Beauty had helped me improved my skin condition TREMENDOUSLY. If you had been following me closely, you might had seen the posts. Read this post for my journey: http://yourgirlboss.blogspot.sg/2017/03/my-asian-beauty-journey-my-acne-journey.html

For collaborations please email to me at mylifemyskin@hotmail.com.
Open to product testings and discount codes for my followers too :)

If you are curious..

Where am I from?
I am from the little red dot as known as Singapore!

What do I do doing my free time?
I am not an outgoing person hehe. Beside my working hours, I would meet my boyfriend. We normally chill off watching Kdrama or handmade some stuffs, draw or blog. I love love reading and researching on beauty related topics.