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I apologise for the delay for this post as I didn't managed to finish editing the photos on time. Today I will be sharing on a high coverage cushion. Towards high coverage cushions, I tend to have mixed feelings over them. Singapore is too humid, high coverage foundations breaks down faster and looks cakey and kinda unpresentable in the late noon. However, sometimes at the time of the month, light coverage would be definitely not enough to cover up those pesky red acnes or red skin. That explains my mixed feelings. Do you feel me? Hah.

What is it:
IT'S SKIN Tiger Cica Blemish Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA++++
1. Closely adhering cover cushion for effective coverage of blemishes
The cushion does not make skin feel stuffy or look too thick by minimizing the powder content and makes dull, uneven skin tone look even and clean.

2. Semi-matte-type, long-lasting cover cushion
Makes skin feel refreshed and matte by absorbing excessive sebum with sebum-absorbing powder
Fixing polymer effectively fixes makeup
Provides smudge-free, long-lasting makeup by fixing cover particles on skin

3. Strong UV protection effect and anti-aging effect
SPF50+  PA++++ Super strong UV protection factor protects skin and takes care of aging by blocking UVA that causes aging.
“Triple function” of wrinkle improvement, whitening, and UV protection

Zero 10 formula excluding 10 kinds of suspected skin harmful ingredients (methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, Butyl paraben, isobutyl paraben, phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, triclosan, triethanolamine).

I am reviewing shade 01 in this blogpost. Do note they don't state the expiry date but manufacturing date instead. Also, upon opening, try to finish it within the next 12 months.

I love the tiger icon, it's so cute haha! I can't read korean so I translated it using the google translation app.
Tiger's Shika Care
This story is called tiger grass because of the rollover.
The tiger, hurt by hunting, is also known as a cinnabar (aka Centella Asiatica Tika) in the pile of plants. The wild has long been known as a precious plant that has been used for stimulating the skin of herbaceous plantar foliage that grows wild. ※ Above explanation is limited to raw material characteristics.

It's a pastel pink color with embossed tiger logo on it. The casing packaging is matte, it gives a high quality look.

Here's the full ingredient list. I would like to highlight a few things here. There are good and bad stuffs inside which I felt consumers should really take note, especially if you are planning to get this.

The good stuff?
Centella Asiatica Extract is on the top of the ingredient list! Appreciate that it's not at the end of the list.
Madecassoside (This is way right below the list though.)

The mixed feelings?
It contains essential oils, steer clear if you are sensitive to essential oils.
This product contains comedogenic ingredients, Isopropyl Myristate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate. So if you are very sensitive with pore clogging igredients, you may wanna give this a miss.

If you feel that the above is acceptable for you then get it!

I love the puff, it's so cute! That cute tiger with leaves all over the puff.

The film was firmly sticked on. Some cushion brands eg. thefaceshop has bad stickers imo.

It looks very dark right haha!

The puff feels very thick and soft.

The puff picks up a lot of product. Don't pick up too much as the product has a really high coverage. You wouldn't wanna over apply trust me!

When swatched. The coverage is real. This is only one layer!

The ingredients list had a few listed irritants. You might wanna patch test first just in case.
 >click this to check< 

Does it does what it claims?
Claim 1: Tiger found cica care plant "centella" ingredient, strong but strong coverage! Cover skin blemishes with mild blemish cover cushion.
The coverage is game strong. Don't believe, you can go try and swatch it at their stores! However, I wouldn't recommend to over apply more than 1-2 layer as it looks way too HEAVY!
Claim 2: • Tone, texture, blemish, pore and skin flaws delicate high coverage, no sebum control powder gives fresh and silky finish.
Although the formula has a high coverage, it doesn't sit into my pores. It hides my pores well. It leaves a dewy look but goes matt later on. The sebum control is there but it eventually breaks down after 7 hours which looks kinda messy.
Claim 3: Glossy oil and fixing polymer for long lasting makeup.
7 hours the foundation starts to break down. By the 12 hour, it looks cakey. But that was without touch up.

Summary of product:
| Packaging |
~ Matt packaging with embossed logo on it. I like the box packaging once again as said in my earlier blogpost on the tiger cica cream.

| Smell |
~ Medicinal scent.

| Color? |
~ 01.

| Pros |
~ The coverage is amazing. Redness all hidden with one layer on. No concealer needed.
~ The scent smells really soothing.
~ Not sticky and tacky!
~ 10 free, thankfully no parabans.
~ Easy to touch up with, wouldn't cake up.
~ Last 7-8 hours (Still looking decent.)
~ No shine, dewy look when applied at the start but matt look afterwards.
~ Centella is high up on the list. They didn't cheat consumers. Appreciated.

| Cons | 
~ Pore Clogging ingredients.
~ Essential Oils (This depends on individuals, but I have sensitive skin so I would not prefer this.)
~ Heavy on skin, so when it breaks down in mid day, it looks extra cakey. It tend to happen to almost all high coverage cushions I had tried so.. yep.

| Would I buy this again? |
Because of the pore clogging ingredients, I am sorry to say I would have to give this a miss in repurchasing. I do enjoy using the cushion, the coverage is so amazing, I ditched my concealer as I didn't need it anymore. Most importantly,  I saved so much time. However, using something that may clog my pore is a risk I would not take. I would use this but not on a daily basis too. If the ingredients does not affect you, this would definitely be a great cushion to try out.

| Where to buy? |
Its now available on all It's Skin Outlets in Singapore.

| Ratings on this product |
3.2/5 Hearts!

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| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
This product is kindly provided by It's Skin Singapore in exchange for my honest reviews and thoughts on it.

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!

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