5 Months Strict Korean Skincare Routine (Tried n Tested)


Hi all! Today I am going to be sharing about my skincare routine that I had been following for 5 months straight - and am still doing now. As you know, I have really oily skin. This results in my visible pores and congestion in it leading to serious acne. Cystic acnes, which do not have any white heads, painful bumps in your skin. Cystic acnes gave me very visible scars which is hard to lighten. 19-20 steps, you must follow everyday(night time). I am touching on the night time routine because I believe everyone including myself, would put makeup on to conceal skin troubles and when you don't cleanse well and pamper your skin after a long harsh day, it's gonna breakout.

Skin condition before and after (5 months).

Heroine Make Remover
This is great to remove your waterproof mascaras. Apply this and leave on for 3-5 mins before washing off.

Micellar Cleansing Fluid (Eucerin)
Pour a decent amount onto your cotton pad and gently swipe around your face to remove makeup. Rinse it away with cold water.

Olive Real Cleansing Oil (Innisfree)
Pump 1 and a half pump onto your palms and start by massaging on your cheeks in circular motions. 25 rounds on my cheeks, forehead and chin. 40 rounds on my nose. You should spend at least or more than 5 mins on this step. Be gentle, you don't have to be harsh on your skin. Rinse it away with cold water.

Wine Peeling Jelly Softener (Innisfree)
Pour a 50 cents coin amount on your cotton pad for each side of your cheeks and forehead. Gently rub in circular motion and do not use too much strength. It's to remove the dead skins so it does not clog your pores. I use this everyday. It's normal to see slight flushing. Rinse it away with cold water.

Lip Jam Scrub (Etude House)
A 10 cent amount would be enough for your lips. Scrub this around your lips gently and rinse off.

Green Tea Cleansing Foam (Innisfree)
Squeeze a 20 cent amount onto palms with wet hands and make foams by rubbing your palms together. Make as much foams as you can, scoop it up and place it on your face. Do not make bubble by rubbing your palms on your face. Gently spread the bubble foam around in circular motion. Rinse it off with cold water.

Homemade ICE CUBES
Take an ice cube (green tea/water) rub it around your face gently. Do not stop at a spot for very long as it can cause frost bites. When you have a cyst acne, just do this spot treatment for 3-5 days, it will go away. Plus point is it acts like a painkiller for cyst acne and keeps your pores tight.

Spray Mist (Avene)
Spray this over your face evenly. Tap with your fingers to let your skin absorb better. This is to hydrate your face after cleansing.

Soybean Energy Essence Light (Innisfree)
Pour a 20 cent amount onto your palm and spread on your cheeks first. Another 20 cent amount onto your palm and this time round on your forehead. Spread evenly across whole face and lightly tap with your fingers to let your face absorb the product.

Green Tea Fresh Skin (Innisfree)
Pour sufficient amount onto a cotton pad and sweep on your face. Toner is very important as it not only hydrates but also remove impurities off your skin. Lightly pat with your fingers to let product be absorbed.

Green Tea Fresh Essence (Innisfree)
Pump 1 and a half pump and rub your palms to warm it. Pat around your face and pat more to let the product absorb.

Whitening Pore Synergy Serum (Innisfree)
Pump 1 pump and rub your palms to warm it. Pat around your face and pat more to let the product absorb.

White Tone Up Eye Serum (Innisfree)
Pump half pump on the back of your hand and use your finger to spread the product on your eye area. A light layer will do. You can use this on your laugh lines too.

Even Better Dark Spot Corrector (Clinque)
Squeeze a tiny bit and apply a thin layer on your dark spots only. I had been using this for about two weeks and I think it's quite a good product in lightening your acne scars.

Green Tea Fresh Cream (Innisfree)
This is a gel moisturizer suitable for super oily skins that is not as heavy as cream moisturizers which can make you break out. Take about 20 cents size and rub your palms to warm it. Tap lightly around your skin to let it better absorb. Avoid eye area.

My Lash Serum (Etude House)
Apply like how you apply your mascara. This is to protect and strengthen your lashes as mascaras and curlers can weaken your lashes.

Aloe Lips Blam (Forever)
Always apply lips balm. Please care for your lips. Your lip makeup for the next day will only look good if your lips looks soft and supple.

Aloe Moistfull Gel (Etude House)
Take about a 50 cents amount and place on palm and spread evenly on face only half an hour or one hour later after the above steps. This is to calm and sooth irritated skin especially after a long day of make up.

AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot (Etude House)
Use a cotton bud to dip into the product and apply on your little pimples. It can prevent pimples from worsening and healing faster after just a night. I love this!

In between STEP 10 and STEP 11, you can add a step which is FACIAL MASKS!
I love facial mask alot as it can keep your skin looking radiant and moisturised for the whole night. But it's gonna be expensive to use everyday so I use it twice a week only. This makes 20 steps.

I would post up my day version soon too! Which is 13 steps only before your make up :)

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

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Till the next time!

- Jean.

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  1. If I have acne prone,sensitive,oily,combination skin can I still use the same products above? (Like the green tea cleanser is it suitable for sensitive skin?)

    1. Hello, It did suit my sensitive skin but you might wanna try to do a patch test first when I first tried too. This cleanser is less drying as compared to the others I tried. It will be good to apply moisturiser if you feel any tightness :) I will stick to this cleanser as of for now as it's pretty good. If you have oily combination skin, you may wanna try to use the balancing line but I will recommend using the green tea fresh gel instead of the green tea balancing cream - cause cream can clog pores for some people since its heavier.

      Hope it helps! :) x