Innisfree Green Tea Mist Review


Always feeling sleepy in office? Here's your saviour~ A spritz is all you need! I would like to recommend this mineral mist from innisfree in this post.

The ingredient list as seen above. 

All spray bottles are sealed with an innisfree sticker. 

Spray nozzle. 

Dry and moisture-less. 

Just one spritz and you can see the difference!

| Packaging |
~ Opaque compressed bottle with a spray nozzle.  

| Smell |
~ There's fragrance in the product. When sprayed on, it smells really refreshing. But if you were to do it in the public, you may wanna think twice cause the smell is stronger as compared to other mists. 

| Color? |
~ Transparent and moist. 

| Pros |
~ It smells pleasant. 
~ When sprayed on, it instantly hydrates my dehydrated oily skin. 
~ Easy to spray on. I used 4 bottles, one of the bottle's nuzzle had some problem so it was difficult to control. So it depends on your luck?
~ Lightweight and moisturizing feeling. 

| Cons | 
~ Too much fragrance. 
~ Opaque bottle so you won't know how much is left. 
~ I realize my floor gets really oily when I used this lol. Because when i spray this on, some will land onto the floor and it's oily instead of watery. 

| Would I buy this again? |
Yes of course! Used so many bottles and still contented :) But I tend to switch between mists. I really love it a lot!

| Where to buy? |
Innisfree outlets in Singapore.

| Ratings on this product |
5/5 Hearts!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!

- Jean.

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