Missha - Line Friend's Sally Eye Color Studio Mini Palette Review


Annyeong! Didn't manage to update my blog so often cause I had been pretty busy these days. Plus my skin keeps purging thanks to stress -.- I wanted to get the other palettes too from Missha Line Friends Collection BUT the palettes was too pricey considering it's $35.90 each /: Plus I bought many palettes in Korea so I thought I shouldn't be greedy and just settle for this one. But I have to say the $ you paid for is gonna be worth it!

What is it:
Missha, a well-known Korean cosmetic brand, has crossover with Line Friends, featuring a collection of “Eye Color Studio Mini”. This collection is super cute and it is a fantastic collaboration for fans of Line Friends.

The 4-color eye shadow has true & vivid colors and fine & silky silty to create a magical three-dimensional charming eye makeup whether the use of monochrome or color mixing!

Loving this cute duck with pouty mouth :3

Three of the shades are in different shades of orange, glitter, shimmer and matt. I love orange eye shadows so much!

It's hard to find nice orange shades, hence this is my favourite orange theme palette as of today. It comes with a mini application which I didn't use, as it's hard to pick up glitters with that. I would prefer to use my fingers to get a more pigmented look out of it.

The film is printed with SALLY and it's face, I kept the film cause I couldn't bear to throw it away haha.

The first and third shadows are glittery, I love how the sparkles reflects under light. The second shadow is shimmery which brightens up your eyes (suitable for daily use). The last shade is matt, highly pigmented.

Only the last shade is embossed, the others are just normal looking. I wished they embossed all haha!

Here's the swatches, I am sorry if it looks blur. Plus photo not doing justice! The shimmers and glitters looks way better in actual. Not so sure why third shade turned out so pink either, but it's more of an orange-peach shade.

Eye Make Up:
Eye shadows: Missha Sally Palette + Etude House Look At My Eyes Shadow
Eyelash : SASA Singapore
Eyeliner: Etude House 101 Play Pencil + Heroine Make Eyeliner

Does it does what it claims?
Claim 1: Eye palette for daily wearable makeup.
I had been using this almost everyday, especially when I wanted an orange themed make up. It's not overwhelming and the colors looks refreshing which is suitable for everyday wear!
Claim 2: Outstanding pigmentation and longevity with fixing binder system.
Everything blends in so seamlessly and perfectly. i didn't face the problem of falling glitters on my cheeks so I feel they adhere pretty well. No touch up required, they just can last all the way.

Summary of product:
| Packaging |
~ Cute sally printed on, the packaging quality is great, the print is great. It's just great. I couldn't find something bad about it.

| Smell |
~ Fragranceless.

| Color? |
~ Matte(orange), shimmer(orange), glitter(orange and beige).

| Pros |
~ Adheres well on eye.
~ Pigmented, all of it.
~ No glitters falling off from the lids and messing with your cheeks.
~ Colors are suitable for daily wear.
~ Longlasting throughout the day.

| Cons | 
~ Price Point of $35.90.

| Would I buy this again? |
I would love to buy this again if they are gonna come up with new cute characters! Overall this is so good that I wouldn't mind to pay for it. You really need to get your hands on it!

| Where to buy? |

| Ratings on this product |
5/5 Hearts!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
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