My Asian Beauty Journey / My Acne Journey


Been contemplating on whether to share on my AB journey cause I was busy(kdrams lol) and I had no time to compile all the photos together, I had to go back and check the dates the photos were taken too. Anyway, I did and now I am ready to show you guys through my journey. It's all photos of my skin and the stages. On a side note, it's best to not see before food! Please don't hate me for showing such disgusting images. Also, I know the angles are weird? But, it's not a selfie, it's a documentation haha. So I hope you guys don't mind my unglamness! 

Took my first photo on 27th December 2015 but back then I had yet to start taking action even though it was bad. This was considered one of my good skin day so I took a photo just to 'remember' it. My main concerns and problems were lots of closed comedones, my cheeks flushing/constantly red, acnes and cyst comes whenever my period is near. It's a horror to see the 'juice' coming out from my pimples when I accidentally cleanse my face too hard sometimes, it hurts. It was much redder irl but the image turns out better.

On 28th December 2015, it was just the next day, I saw a couple of cyst acnes forming happily on my forehead overnight. I was in despair, like what the fcuk is wrong? I cleanse my face and I kept my fringe away. Couldn't figured out why seriously, I begin googling googling googling non stop for hours. Then scrolling on Instagram and saw some koreans on it. Hesitating, doubting but still curious on why most of the Korean have such flawless skin, I started reading up on their skincare regime, tips and I had to admit I gained a lot of insights and knowledge from it.

The nearest Innisfree store back then was in Orchard, which was pretty far, I procrastinated for a few days on whether or not should I invest 'again' to fix my skin.
#Throwback: To add on, I visited skincare specialist at NUH (National University Hospital) for a few years when I was 13/14? I stopped at 15/16. Couldn't remember very clearly. I was prescribed creams and medications orally. Those pills were nasty as sometimes it made me puke. Even doctors can't save me, I don't expect Asianbeauty to honestly. I had no faith.
I went to innisfree and grabbed a few basic items. Bought the Bija Trouble Cleansing Gel, Green Tea Fresh Skin, Green Tea Fresh Gel, Green Tea Seed Serum, Green Tea Fresh Essence, Wine Peeling Jelly Softener. At that time, I did considered that it's best not to overuse since my skin was really sensitive and I wouldn't know if any of the products would give me any adversed reactions.

That's how my AB journey started. Thinking back, I was really fedup and irritated by my own skin.

Shortly after nearly 3 months, on 6th March 2016 I saw improvements. The photo just doesn't do justice! It looks bad still but better, the photo looks like my pimples were gone lol. It didn't capture redness cause of the low camera quality. About 6 days later (almost a week) I saw more improvements again. I was thanking god so much at that point.

But a few days later on 16th March 2016, cysts still came to visit. I guess it was hormonal and I was so stressed out as it was red, painful and swollen. After continuous self treating, I realized my close comedones lessen, and what I am more concern at that time was that my skin still flushes red easily. Looking like an apple.

On 3rd April 2016, I realised that I might had slight hives developing on one side of my cheek. My skin was really red. Redder than the photo, the bad lightings made it looked less serious. Kinda panicked badly since it might spread. Eventually, I notice if I were to stay under the sun to long, hives will always develop. There's a even worse photo below later because of hives. It didn't calmed down for that month.

Then on 6th May 2016, I can feel like two very big acnes that's still waiting to be formed. The area was patchy red like some kind of sun allergy. It's painful physically and mentally. It got worse and when it finally healed a little, more skin problems arise.

On 19th May 2016, *see the scar there*. Even up till today, there still a slight mark there. It looks like my skin barrier had been compromised? That area is dry and has a lot of black spots on it. Please let me know if you are facing similar problems like mine! It improved slightly on 24th May 2016 but grew a few more pimples still. Those pesky spots are hold to keep in control, sighs. But still am thankful no reoccurring cyst acnes at the moment.

On 1st July, the line I had started to improved, looking less obvious but I realised that it keeps coming back and going away. All was good until 18th July 2016 my skin started to show signs of problem and on 29th July 2016 it worsen and outburst. The area was patchy, red, some acnes, hives, it was horrible to look at in real life. I had experience it many times before I started AB. It came back and I was so worried of it spreading or scarring. Thankfully with the help of AB, it subsided in a few days omg. I remember I was spamming the Leaders Insolution AC Dressing Mask every day without fail as it soothed my skin very well. On 2nd September 2016, it shows signs of calming down. It's still patchy red, sensitive but less serious. The photo lighting was bad, but you can see the uneven surface on my skin.

Then I continued to care for it and on 12th September 2016 my skin improved tremendously.
The redness sunsided, my skin texture was more even, even my complexion looks clearer. There were redness here and there but not a major issue.

On 29th September 2016 I took a photo of my skin again as I can feel my skin barrier growing stronger.

What I would like to say is..
Kbeauty, Asian Beauty is fascinating. If you haven't gave it a try, maybe you should! Back then, I had many doubts. Like, You kidding me? Toner hydrates skin? Spot treatments helps acne? I don't believe in magic!! haha, I sound like a kid but that's what exactly went through my brain at the point of time!

True enough to a certain extent, there wasn't any magic. It was really hell loads of hardwork! Never try to commit for a few days and slacking off for a few days and still expect great results. You need to maintain the regime in order for things to work out. Even though it may had gotten better, there are other factors which can bring your skin down again. You will need to pick yourself up again and fight the war.
So, Prevention is always better than cure.

Tips I would give?

1. Water!
I always aim to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Water not only hydrates your body, it flushes impurities and toxins out of your system, which aid in reducing the breakouts and acne. Of course, water is not the key to clear out skin, but you really cannot not have it.

2. Sleep!
Sleep is crucial! When my acne was bad, especially during my polytechnic period, I slept at like 4, 5am. This also meant that my skin cells doesn't get it's chance to regenerate 😔 While resting, your body's hydration rebalances. This is when your skin starts to recover moisture, where the excess water in the body is processed for removal. I really regretted not sleeping, why didn't anyone warned me back then!

3. Stress!
Easier said than done, I know! I can control the time I sleep, the amount of water I intake but how do I take control of stress. I feel that too. Stress releases cortisol(stress hormones), which throw off the other hormones in your body which in turn causing breakouts. Remember, high levels of cortisol leads to increased stress and inflammation in the body - don't stress out! If you feel stress, do something you enjoy doing. For me, I try to do some shopping, watch comedies etc. Do what makes you feel relax. Even if it's going for an impromtu trip if it can make you feel better :)

4. Double Cleansing!
If you had not been practising double cleansing in the evening, maybe you should start doing so. Sunscreen needs to be throughly remove too not just make up.

5. Hygiene!
Always wash your puffs weekly if you are using a BB cushion for touch ups. Brushes should always be cleaned every 2 weeks too. I tend to sanitise my make up on top of cleaning my tools. Inflamed skin requires more care. Just like a roof with holes, dirt drops into your house when you don't try to mend and clean up.

I sincerely would like to thank each and every one of you guys that's been supporting me and helping me throughout this journey. I gained a lot of useful knowledge here and there, through various AB beauty bloggers. It wasn't easy to fight alone at the start, but it got better the moment when I got to know more people.
Since I had bad skin since Primary 4 (10 years old), I found it difficult to talk to people as I had a low self esteem. When I just hit puberty it was very much worse, hence I have a lot of big visible permanent pores/scars which stayed with me till today.

Most importantly, don't get over stressed about your skin, enjoy your routine and love yourself. Be good to your body, always!

Questions do feel free to comment below instead of email as I might miss your important mails(which means a lot to me)! ^O^

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  1. What products do you recommend for acne? :D

    1. Hi! when my cyst acne was uncontrollable back then the Innisfree Soy bean Energy Essence, I treat it as an after, had saved my life. It was very gentle on my skin which helps my acnes a lot but the bad thing will be the price tag. However a little last along the way :D

  2. Your skin looks so much better! Gosh how I wish mine would heal like yours very soon. I'm praying hard!

    1. Hi babe *waves frantically* hahahaha!!!

      I am sure it would! Your hard work will pay off one day for sure :D
      Let's all work hard towards a clearer and brighter skin hahaha (Ps: at least for now we dont have to worry about sagging and wrinkles at the moment, which are even harder to go away!!!! :( urgh!!!)

  3. After seeing a lot of your blog posts or instagram, I see that you used and tried quite a lot of products. As a beginner, would you still recommend them to go for innisfree green tea line? Or you have better suggestion on that? :) I know it is YMMV but would like to hear you out.

    1. As time passes, there are better formulations for sensitive skin now. I would recommend switching the toner to something fragrance free with lower irritants like the Etude House Soon Jung Toner. I am actively using that whenever my pores get clog and redness all over. It soothes faster. But the emulsion created an oil spill on my T zone especially my nose. So I only recommend the toner and cica as of now :)

    2. Thanks for replying. :D Is the toner considered as hydrating toner?
      As for the cica, mind I ask what is it used for and serve as which step in the skincare routine?

    3. It's a soothing toner marketed. For hydrating one, do try out the Klairs one instead :D I use the cica before masking :) Apologise for the late reply.

  4. I had horrible cystic acne all over my face just before my wedding a few years back. Boy, was i stressed! The bridal shop was urging me to go for photoshoot and i refused to as i simply feel ugly. Went to see a doc and as i need to clear my acne in 2 mths time, the doc put me on medication. I have to sign form that promise that im aware of side effects eg, kidney failure, abnormal bb (if i get pregnant during the course of medication) Fortunately the med work like magic. Most of my acne gone in 2-3 mths and my kidney is fine. (Whew~) i stop the medication after 6 mths. Even though i love my flawless skin but i care for my health too. I went to maple clinic to control my acne problem and my skin is basically see-able. Not flawless but good enough for me. However my skin is still super oily. Makeup oxidised in one hr time. I tried several primers from mac, hourglass etc but none work and i suffer from minor breakout. Really freaked me out! May i know which is the best primer and foundation that u have used? Sorry for the lenghty post!

    1. Oh no I really feel you! My make up oxidise really fast too which is annoying :(
      I actually use the 3CE one now. I like the finishing and it doesn't break me out. This is a product I never switched out or switch out less often :D

      All the best my dear xo

  5. Hi, I have the same scar like u 29/8/16.. how do you get rid those scare so fast? just the mask? XD

    1. Hi Dear, try AHA and niacinamide as it helps in improving scars :D These two are my favourite.