Staycation @ HotelJen Tanglin 31st Dec 2015 - 1st Jan 2016


Hello! It's been years I took a hiatus on blogging and I felt that there is really a need for me to pen down as I tend to forget about things that had happened too quickly :/

So, in this post I am gonna be sharing on my stay with Hotel Jen Tanglin!
I am extremely grateful to my boyfriend for planning this for me. Recently, I had been really down and helpless. Many things had been happening non-stop. I can't seem to settle down.

So, here we go!
Before I even reach the hotel, just 1m infront of the hotel, I slipped and fall. Damn, that was a painful one! Went into the hotel and grabbed a seat to check if there is any scars lol. My boyfriend went to queue to check in. The queue was really long, acceptable since it was the festive seasons.
Upon check in, they would need the particulars, IC/Passport of both guest. My boyfriend didn't want me to walk over to the counter as he wanted me to just sit down until he attend to the wound. So he just showed a photo of my passport asking if they can just accept it. I am supposed to requeue later but luckily she made an exception cause the queue was really long.

You can find this at the lobby, just beside the lift. Trick eye feel. I think they rent bicycles or something? I read it from reviews on the net.

Firstly, the bed! To me, the bed is the most important thing in the hotel. It needs to look clean and comfy so I can sleep comfortably. I have not yet found a bed on par with Studio M Hotel. Their bed is MF comfy! Well, but Hotel Jen Tanglin one is great too actually.

Lmao, I m too obsessed with the bed *_*

So basically you get to choose the type of pillow you want. Hmm, but tbh, I have no idea. I left my bae to make the decision.

Every room has a different backdrop. I managed to get goldfish which I thought was great. Well, 年年有余? It symbolizes a great 2016 ahead!


Looking shag maybe cause of the fall lol! I was a lil grumpy. But thanks to the lighting it makes my skin looks so nice.

Sneaky Cheeky Idiot.

Heres the toilet. The warm light infront of the mirror makes sure that the steam will not make your mirror misty. Which I really like! 

Btw, here's the view out of our room. We were staying on the 14th floor. I think the view is pretty good in fact. Maybe if you are lucky you get to see some foreigner hunks! Weet!

There's menu, shuttle bus information. We were quite dumb, we didn't open the drawer so we wasn't aware there was shuttle bus services provided. Plus we always walk a long way out lol!

And yes, they provide hairdryer, bathing gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotions, toothbrush, tooth paste, cotton wool, cotton buds etc.

Here is our hotel cards.

Pretty Bottles yeah!
Anyway, if you need ice buckets you can just request. We got a big bucket of ice within 30 minutes.

Before leaving the hotel, lets take a selfie bae!

Check out timing is 12pm. We managed to have our breakfast buffet at Ah Hoi Restaurant. The food served are Local Delights. Roti Prata, Siew Mai, Nasi Briyani, etc.
After checking out, we went to ToyRus for a walk. Since I used to be a promoter there and it's been a long time since I went, I decided to drag him along to shop~ And he bought me a Unicorn! Cause I like it. It's rare he got me a gift. I wouldn't reject your offer then!

| Service |
~ Overall they have good service! When we requested for ice, within 30 mins room service was here. Fuss free check out. 

| Interior Design |
~ A modern theme settings with warm lightings. Seems like each hotel rooms have different wallpaper. They have great big TVs which have HDMI port. You can just get a HDMI cable and your laptop to chill at night with some movies. 

| Toiletries |
Hair dryers, Tooth brushes, Tooth paste, Shower caps, Cotton Buds, Cotton Wools, Conditioner, Shampoo, Body wash, Face wash too. 

| Would I come back again? |
I might! I think the view from our window out wasn't bad too. It faces the Swimming pool. I didn't went to the Swimming pool because, I'm afraid of Swimming!! Haha

| Ratings |
4.5/5 Hearts!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!

- Jean.

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