Skin Food - Greek Style Yogurt & Light Review


After a long day at work and finally chilling in bed watching your favorite show and as always - you feel like chewing on something. But are you feeding your skin the right food?

4 Main Foods that are really bad for your skin:

It's time to get rid of all your favorite snacks. Why? Excess salt retains fluid in your body which results you skin to turn into the 'puffy' look.
Maybe you wanna think twice snacking at night? I don't think you wanna wake up looking bloated. 

Sugar is literally everywhere. From your bread, your beverages, and the list goes on. 
But did you know these food could cause drastic fluctuation of your blood sugar? 
When the level spikes up > leads to excess secretion of insulin and androgens > more sebum produced (oily skin) > aggregation of dead skin cells > ACNE & MILAS > Regret and Regret. 
Don't take more than 1 bowl of rice a day. Or one bowl every 2 days. Rice have higher sugar content. Consider switching to brown rice. I don't, I just try not to eat rice. 
But don't totally eliminate sugar from your diet too. Just take it sparingly.

It is also known as a stimulant which increases the cortisol production in your body. Resulting in rapid aging by thinning out your skin. It also dehydrates your skin and wrinkles will form. 

Inhibits Anti-Diuretic hormones secretion which cause dehydration to your skin. Plus it causes water loss through skin. 

So what kind of yogurts should you be getting since there's such a wide variety of yogurts on the shelf at the supermarket?

Firstly, Sugar content. 
I think it's pretty pointless to buy yogurts that has a high sugar content for a better taste and flavor. This includes those brands that has fruits pre-added in. Why not just buy your own fruit and chop it in? It's healthier and even fresher! 

Secondly, Fats content.
Although it is said to be low fat, I still believe yogurt is super fattening. So.. don't take too much too. Less is more remember.

Comparing the difference for Greek Style Yogurt & Greek Style Yogurt Light.
I first gotten the Greek Style Yogurt because it contains cream while the other don't. Initially I was told that greek yogurt taste really 'bad'. It's either you love it or you will hate it.
My boyfriend hates it so much as he had tried it before I did.

Greek Style Yogurt:
- Full Fat Plain Yogurt
- Contains Milk, Milk Solids, Cream, Yogurt Cultures

Greek Style Yogurt:
- Full Fat Plain Yogurt
- Contains Milk, Milk Solids, Cream, Yogurt Cultures
- Higher Protein
- Low Fat Total
- Higher Carbohydrates :(
- Higher Calcium

What should you expect from your yogurt?
It's gonna taste crazily sour since it's plain yogurt without any flavorings nor sweeteners added.
Chop your own fruits. Strawberries and blueberries are my favorite.


| Taste |
Greek Yogurt: Extra creamy. Great if you hate sour stuffs as the cream makes the taste less strong.
Greek Yogurt Light: Lighter, not creamy at all. Even sour than greek yogurt^.

| Benefits |
Greek Yogurt: Lower in protein, calcium and carbohydrates. Higher fat content cause it's more creamy.
Greek Yogurt Light: Higher in protein calcium and carbohydrates. Lower fat content.

| Which do I recommend? |
To be honest, both are equally fine! It's just individual preference on the taste.

Just give yourself a few weeks of consistently having this every night. Your skin condition should improve slowly :) Be patient! Don't be dishearten as it may take longer for some people! 

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