Staycation @ BIG Hotel


Valentine's celebrations? Here's mine! I decided to book BIG Hotel as it came out as the first few selections upon search on the TRIVAGO app, with tempting interiors and tempting ongoing deals. 

Here's me in their lift. Their whole hotel uses warm lighting. We were staying on the highest floor, 16th. 

Upon exiting, this is the door to all the hotel rooms. Their hotel theme is 80% wood fittings. Reminds me of 'Eco-friendly' concept. 

My Boyfriend trying to look cool ^

Bed bed bed! I always look at the bed first whenever I enter the hotel room. Pinning my hopes high on the beddings~

The sheets are neat and clean. 4 pillows are given. 

Here's the full view. There is a hollow space below for you to place your barangs. Beside it is a safety safe~ 

As I said, warm lightings. 

The perfect place to take selfie under this lightings. No where could be better. 

4 hangers are provided. 

I like the concept of the platform partition where the bed is on *U*

Our window view. Not nice at all :(

To the table! 

Phone is there, for you to contact the front desk if you need any assistance. 

Ipad to control the lightings and choosing of movies!

The black container beside the tissue box is for your ice cube and the flask beside is for you to put your water. 

I was shock there wasn't any mini fridge and no miner water flask. Actually they have dispenser outside for ice cubes and water!

Hot and cold water dispenser.

Ice cubes dispenser. It's the first time I went to a hotel that has an ice cube dispenser haha. It's so convinient. I could just pop out of my room to get some ice cubes - for my face lol

Hairdryer. It's being packed into a really nice drawstring bag. I love their creativity. 

Face towels are provided, in doors slippers, laundry bag and shoe polish too! 

The indoors slippers are really small for my Boyfriend haha. So if guys, you have bigger feet, please bring slippers :p

Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Sanitary Bag, Cotton Wool + Cotton Buds are also provided. 

Hand wash, Shower gel, Shampoo and Body Lotion are provided too. Their bottles design are really nice matt finishing. 

Bathroom, quite small but not as small as Studio M hotel.

Towels and bathroom door mats are provided too. 

Two ways you can choose to shower. My boy went gaga over the one on top as he say it feels like 'raining' just that it's clean water lol. 

For me I prefer the handheld one. My facial skin is sensitive hence I try to avoid hot water. So I can't use the one on top :(

Our hotel access card. Didn't like the purple color. 

Take selfie cause the lighting is nice!! I found it difficult to make up under that lighting. Cause the lighting is too perfect. 

Need to walk over to the other side to off the lights? Nah, not when you have a portable ipad. You can control the lightings comfortably on your bed. 

Movies are free except for R21 ones. So why not since it's free. I don't need to bring my heavy laptop and HDMI cable to connect. 

By the way I contacted them asking if their TV has HDMI port. They told me no lol. But when I went there. There was. So for your info, there is. 


Now my sink has been invaded by my skin care products. 

Located in the middle of Dhoby Ghoat and Bugis, you can choose to either head to Plaza Singapura or Bugis Junction to eat. We went to Bugis Junction to takeaway Tori-Q. It's really nice if you had not tried it. 

Then we had some fruit gotten from Cold Storage. It's really really sweeeeeet. 

Yea not suppose to have alcohol. In the end, I still didn't drink it - A few mouthful from my boyfriend's bottle haha. It's bad for skin /: I have super sensitive skin that will FLUSH RED horribly like a tomato if I feel the heat lol and this is why I never drink outside unless closed doors with him. 

The door ledge spoilt. Almost got locked outside. Aiden went down to the receptionist to ask for maintainance services. They said would be there in 5 mins. I think they came only 30 mins or later. 

Finally morning calls and we have to check out :(

We headed over to Bugis+ to have shabbu shabbu! It's my favourite cause it's mostly vegetables. A really full meal before we head back home. 

| Service |
~ Overall they have a so-so service! Since there wasn't any mini fridge, they allow us to store our fruits below their lobby fridge. Our door ledge was spoilt, making exiting and entering difficult. We asked for service and it took really long burh. But overall counter staffs were nice and friendly.

| Interior Design |
~ A wood theme setting with warm lightings. Not very spacious but the toilet was considered big compared to Studio M. TVs have HDMI port. Plus they have so many movies selection, so you don't have to download any on your own in fact!

| Toiletries |
Hair dryers, Tooth brushes, Tooth paste, Shower caps, Cotton Buds, Cotton Wools, Conditioner, Shampoo, Body wash, Face wash too. 

| Would I come back again? |
Would prefer to try staycation at other hotels instead :p I might revisit if there is a good deal.

| Ratings |
4/5 Hearts!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!

- Jean.

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