Etude House - Berry Delicious Lip Jam Scrub Review


Cutesy? When the berry delicious collection was out on the 4th March I immediately headed over to the nearest Etude house store to purchase. I knew from the other beauty bloggers last month about this upcoming collection and I was so so so excited about it. 


The Etude house Lip Jam comes in 3 types. 
• Lip Jam Scrub
• Lip Jam
• Lip Jam Treatment

Today I am reviewing on the Lip Jam Scrub in this case. 
I really wanted the other two but seriously, I don't have that kind of $$ lol. 

I was looking for a lip scrub as my lip can be really dry when in air conditioned places. When I don't keep it moisturised, it can crack and look so unglam. Plus peeling can bled. So a scrub is what I need!

As you can see for the packaging, it comes in a aluminium metal lid + a transparent glass container. Yeap it's quite heavy. I guess if you were to drop it, your lids gonna dent. The sticker label pasted on is paper sticker SO this means if you store it in your bathroom, it gets wet and it will tear. 

See the sediments? It's actually way much gentle than you imagined when you apply it on your lips. 

As claimed: It contains sweet sugar grains and strawberry seeds to remove dead skin cells on your lips, which can make your lips more soft and smooth. 

The amount of product in it was still acceptable. Decent amount I would say. 

Swatched it on my hand. As you can see it contains the ingredients I mentioned earlier on. It's not as harsh as I imagined when applied on the back of my hand. 

Another thing is the packaging box! Etude house packagings never disappoint me~! I used to love 3CE so much cause of its branding. Black! But well, it doesn't harm to be cute sometimes~~

Here it is before, during and after scrub. Although I have to say the photos can't capture much, I think this product is just meh. 

It's very moisturizing when you are scrubbing your lips. But afterwards, you will realize that your lips went back to the original drying state. 

I felt cheated :(

| Packaging |
~ Metal-alike/aluminium lid + Glass container. 

| Smell |
~ There's fragrance in the product. It smells good. 

| Color? |
~ Transparent pink gel with sediments.  

| Pros |
~ It smells nice. 
~ Gentle on lips.  
~ Easy to apply and wash off. 

| Cons | 
~ Not Moisturizing enough. 
~ Not hygienic, it's a tub so you have to dip your finger in. 
~ Did not do much for my lips. 

| Would I buy this again? |
Probably not. The product didn't really do much for me. Maybe I would try to use it for a month and I will update again if I see any changes. 

| Where to buy? |
Etude House, All Outlets. 

| Ratings on this product |
2.5/5 Hearts!

Free pouches were given to all customers when they purchase at least 2 items from the Berry Delicious Collection!!! Plus a 10% discount. So, why not?

' Sometimes I do dream of having clear skin. However, acnes, scars and blemishes are not within our control. So there's make up to help all of us! ' 

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!
- Jean. X

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