Etude House - Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion Review


Here's another cushion review up for you guys! Since Etude House was having a 30% GSS right now, I decided to try out this cushion. It was a great choice indeed! This is the moist version, which has a subtle glow as compared to the normal version.


What it is
A cushion soaked in foundation, it can be bb or cc cream too, housed in a chunky compact with second lid/compartment for the puff and also to keep the foundation from drying.
Smooth texture like a moisturizing cream to keep face hydrated all the time even in winter.
6-in-1 almighty cream foundation cushion: Moisturizing + Whitening + Anti-wrinkle + UV protecting (SPF 50+ / PA+++) + Tone correcting + Glossy effect

What it does
- Moisturizing: Made of baobab water (26.7%) for intensive hydrating skin. It also contains Hyaluronic acid 4 times more than other cushions to last hydrating longer.
- Creamy-Glossy Skin: With 'Glow-Lock Complex™', it formulates transparent layer on skin to enhance glossy function and prevent losing moisture, which is its secret receipe to keep skin hydrated even in winter.
- Sleek Skin: Creamy texture provides sleek skin condition.

- N02 Light Beige (The one I bought)
- W13 Natural Beige
- W24 Honey Beige

How to apply
After skin care, apply it onto puff and smoothly apply to the face along the texture of skin.
Lightly dab the puff over uneven area around forehead or cheekbone.

More to keep in mind
The coverage is complete and is free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, and other chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts.

Check the ingredients at Cosdna here. The ingredients are really safe :)

The packaging is heavier and of a better quality as compared to Innisfree cushion cases. When closed, the lid is very secure and does not open up easily. The casing is really good and I really love it!

As per usual, a lid separating the puff and the cushion. 

Initially I saw reviews on this cushion - Broke out crazily for one of the user. However, I would say it didn't break out on my sensitive skin *choy*. Sometimes it might be the way the person cleanse away her make up too. Be sure to clean up every last trace of make up off from your face to prevent yourself from any skin problems.

Protective seal.

Revealing fully soaked sponge inside.

The most satisfying moment when you start to use a new product.

The magic sponge for a flawless application!

Press down the puff gently to avoid product wastage.

Use the tapping method to apply evenly onto your face.

Before and After. Instantly, your skin brightens up and has a healthier glow. It might look a little pale but just add on a little lip tint and tadah you are done! :) It might look like it's matt on the photo that's because I dusted on powder and edited a little. The finishing is slightly matt but with a reflective glow. Which suits my oily skin, pretty impressed!

Lasting Power:
I apply my make up at 7am every morning and I get back home around 8pm. So it's a whooping 13 hours I need my make up to last.
7am-2pm: Still perfect and fresh.
2pm-4pm: Some lines starts to appear along my laugh lines, sides of my nose.
4pm-6pm: Oxidation around chin and jawline but visible only if you stare at my face closed up.
6pm-8pm: BB cushion at the chin area has 'disappeared', touch up at chin needed.
I remove my make up at 8pm where I normally reach home.

Final Verdict: *Drums rolls*

| Packaging |
~ A great quality cushion casing that's very secured even when tossed into your bag.

| Smell |
~Subtle Fragrance, tasty sweet smell!

| Color? |
~ #N02 Light Beige, Moist Any Cushion.

| Pros |
~ Did not cause any allergy to my sensitive face.
~ Moist, not oily.
~ Lasting power up to 13 hours for me.
~ Convenient.
~ Casing is of great quality.
~ Smells good and does not linger.
~ Can cover dark circles.
~ Good amount of SPF.

| Cons | 
~ Cushions can be unhygenic.
~ I change puffs every 3 days.
~ Does not cover big red acnes. You will need concealer to perfectly cover it up.

| Would I buy this again? |
I might! But there's so many cushion brand to try out so I guess I will test out the others first! But this is really a product so worthy that you should really try out!

| Where to buy? |
I bought mine at Etude House @ Causeway Point.

| Ratings on this product |
4.5/5 Hearts!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!

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