Innisfree - Water Glow Foundation Cushion


Today's review would be on Innisfree Water Glow Cushion! I tried around 3 refills before I decided to make a review on this. I would say this is a not-so-bad cushion to try out! :)

As claimed on Innisfree website:

What it is
The water glow cushion fills your skin with moisture.

1. 100% Jeju green tea fills skin with essential moisture.

2. The water glow complex provides a moisture-coating effect.

3. It cools and soothes skin.

4. Powerful UV protection with SPF 50+/PA+++

What else you need to know
Free from: talc, animal ingredients, synthetic fragrance, and acrylamide

How to use
Use the powder puff to gently pat around your face. Reapply if needed.

It comes in an off-white packaging, with brown and blue wordings on it. The lid is always loose, which I do not like. If you were to toss it in your bag, the lid might open and you will dirty your puff. The pros of this casing would be it's really lightweight. I had yet to come across a casing as light as this. Also, it's height seems to be lower than other cushion casings.

Instructions on seal.

Soaked with foundation.

Puff is white on top and blue below.

Applies really evenly and with a decent coverage. Covers eyebags well too.

The finishing is not really moist, eventually it gets a little matt overtime. Although so, it's still very dewy and reflects light when you look into the mirror at different angles. Hence, it's suitable for oily skin :D

This is a comparison between the Longwear Cushion VS the Waterglow Cushion. The Longwear version is more yellow toned base and matt while the Waterglow is more of a pink toned base and moist. Do note it's actually the same shade ranged I picked.

For people with Oily skin that are concerned would this product make their face more oily:
Firstly, do you moisturize your face and apply a no-sebum primer first? If yes, it's safe for you to get this over the long wear as the long wear is really drying. This waterglow cushion is not oily but hydrating.

You can read more on the long wear cushion here:

Lasting Power:
This cushion can last pretty well for me from 7am-8pm.
7am-2pm: Perfect Still.
2pm-4pm: Oxidation around nose and lips area.
4pm-6pm: Oxidation around forehead also.
6pm-8pm: Looks a little cakey.

Also this isn't very nice for touch up as it's a bit drying. I would recommended spraying some mist on the puff before you touch up if not it might mess up your makeup which may cause it to look patchy and dry.

Tadah! summary time!

| Packaging |
~ Lightweight cushion packing but lid is really very loose. The quality of Innisfree cushions packaging could be improved.

| Smell |
~ Some kind of grassy herbal scent, some people doesn't seem to like it haha! But the smell doesn't linger on your face for long.

| Color? |
~ #21

| Pros |
~ Did not cause any allergy to my sensitive face.
~ Good SPF protection. (50SPF)
~ Lasting power up to 13 hours for me.
~ Convenient.
~ Decent coverage.

| Cons | 
~ Cushions can be unhygenic.
~ I change puffs every 3 days.
~ Bad packaging, loose lid.
~ Not good for touch ups, it can get messy as it's quite dry.

| Would I buy this again? |
I still have one more refill, I don't think I would be getting it again for now as I have many cushions that I want to try out :)

| Where to buy? |
I bought mine at Innisfree @ Jem.

| Ratings on this product |
4/5 Hearts!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!

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