JeanJean's Tips for Better Skin (For sensitive and acne prone skin)


Hi guys! Before you click to read on, my photos contains 'bad skin' moments so it might disgust you a little. Please do not click in if you are eating ya? To continue.. I had been doing many product reviews and I would like to do one on how you might be able to improve your skin if you have sensitive and acne prone skin. However, it's best not to expect miracles or 100% perfect skin. Even till now I get blemishes, small little acnes, hives from allergy, once a month. But, I am more than contented cause it was far worse for me in the past. Big painful pus or cystic acnes that can take a month to go away.
My cheeks area are really sensitive. If I were to be allergy to any products/food, it would break out with hives. I just had a hive broke out and some little pimples on my left cheek, damn allergy and hormones :( Anyway hives are red patches which isn't like pimples.

Sensitive, easily irritated, prone to acne and allergies skin.

(Image Left: Before, Right: After)
This is a photo of a hive break out which happened to me last month. Recently theres' another hive breakout but was less serious. Anyway, my skin was totally red and bumpy. It looks like as if my pores were congested or something. However, that's not the case as I exfoliate regularly and use clay mask every alternative days as I have really oily skin to make sure no clog pores.

So! Here's my routine on how I counter my hyper-sensitive skin!

Tip 1: 
It's important for you to know if you have a reaction with a certain product and analyze the ingredient list to filter out which ingredient may be the cause of your allergy.

I evaluated the products I had used on that day and they night before.
These were the new/seldom used products added into my regime right before my breakout.
1. Etude House Cookie Blusher (Seldom use product)
2. Innisfree Green Tea Persimmon Toner (New product try out)

Solution: I immediately halt on using these two products and went back to my usual regime.

Tip 2: 
Other possible reasons causing your allergy, food or makeup tools.

Possible reasons that may had caused my allergy too:
1. Accidentally intake shrimp paste.
2. Make up brushes dirty.
3. Make up cushion puff dirty.

Solution: I washed all of my makeup tools, brushes and puffs(I actually wash every 1-2 weeks). For make up sponges I use disposable ones for hygienic issues.

Tip 3: 
Take care of your pores and deep cleanse.

I have to emphasise for oily skin types! You know your skin is always oily due to over sebum productions, resulting in large pores. The larger your pores the more waste gets in, you will have even more skin problems. Make sure your make up is throughly removed and impurities are drawn out at the end of the day. Please please PLEASE, invest in a brush, it doesn't have to be an expensive one! I can't afford clarisonic so I opted for Miniso ones. It does the job.

Tip 4: 
Green Tea everyday for your skin.

Remember my post on green tea? I know green tea can be expensive, a box can cost about $6 but would you spend $6 a month for a box of green tea or $1000 to go for treatments? Ok, so $6 ya? We are on the same side. Put lukewarm water into a face wash basin and soak one tea bag inside. Continue your usual routine, cleansing your face. When completed, rinse your face at the very last step with the green tea water. Just pat it all over and use the green tea bag to gently swipe over your face. I repeat, gently.

You will feel very refreshed plus no tight feelings. Please continue with your usual skincare routine and do not skip moisturizers.

Tip 5: 
Use the right mask to soothe your sensitive skin.

I love sheet masks but I dare not anyhow use any random sheet masks. Since we have really sensitive skin, you do not know if the sheet mask is gonna do help or do harm. Whenever my skin is in trouble, I would use the AC Dressing mask on every alternative day. It can be rather costly, considering one mask is $3.60. But it does the calming. Money well spent! The one brand I had been using in long term would be Leaders Insolution masks.

Tip 6: 
Put a cooling mask over your sheet mask.

When your skin is sensitive, it often gets red, hot, itchy, which sucks. To soothe irritated skin and reduce redness, I recommend you to place a cooling mask on top of your sheet mask. Some people feels that ice benefitting skin isn't scientifically proven, instead it's more of a myth to them. However, it worked for me, so I am just gonna stick on to this method. No harm to try it yourself!

Tip 7: 

Pink powder spot for acnes is a MUST, maybe not on hives.

Why pink powder spot out of so many pimple creams? I feel that pink powder spot soothes pimples and reduces inflammations effectively. Whenever I get tiny pimples, I will dot a spot on it and go to sleep. If I am lucky, it goes away overnight! If not, it takes a few days to clear. It's not only effective but affordable too, so I really would recommend you to get this if you are always having an outbreak. You can get this from Etude House. If I get hives, I will use Skin&Lab Don't Touch Trouble Spot (Review here: It soothed the infected areas for me really well and I have gotten myself 4 tubes! You can buy this here: from Althea and get extra $5 + $20 discount. Remember you must click on my link to get that extra $5 add on discount! Ps: You could buy a concealer or aloe vera gel with that $5 :o

*Above are the tips that I had done on myself however I ain't a expert in this field, neither am I a certified dermatologist. I can only share with you my personal experience and solutions. Hence, I cannot assure whether it works the same on you like on me. The results may differ. Please only use it as a reference and make sure to check out the ingredients before usage. Avoid the product if you have an allergy with any of the ingredients stated.

I hope the post helps you and all the best towards us to healthier bouncy radiant skin :D

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