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Hi all! I'm back with another review for September! This round there's an exciting giveaway from Clio Singapore, so read on more to find out how to win a staycation + $120 hampers! :D This stamping cushion already caught my eyes when it just got launched in Watsons. I'm thankful that this product was sent to me at the same time :)

There are 3 shades available in stores.

How do you get Killer Coverage?

The newest way to apply your foundation for flawless coverage that lasts is not a cushion! Inspired by the touch of pro makeup artist, Clio developed the newest innovation in foundation and base makeup with the Kill Cover Stamping Foundation, an innovative sponge application that flawlessly "stamps" your complexion to perfection. The liquid foundation, encased in a compact container with a mesh dispensing system, provides buildable coverage with the included ergonomically designed sponge, delivering seamless and flawless blending and finish.

Clio Professional's Kill Cover Foundation Collection is a cult classic and iconic collection that continues to create the newest trends and innovations in makeup.

The exaggerated packaging and it makes consumers feels so happy to see such a big box haha! It looks like an expensive product from the way it's packaged.

The product stands out so well!

Printed on the flip is what the product is about.

I can't read korean, but here's a photo for you in case you can figure out what it is haha!

This is the magic stamping tool to a perfect complexion. Can't wait to try it out! It comes with a casing too, aww how thoughtful.

There's another puff inside but it's just a normal puff. So, I wouldn't be using it though haha. You can also switch to a ruby cell puff if you would like.

Seal, please close tightly after use. If you are a compact cushion user, you should know that the contents can dry up easily if the lid is not closed/loosed.

The mesh as described.

Just press it down~

It doesn't pick up too much so you can apply a thin and even layer easily.

Actual swatch on paper.

The shade I had chosen is a yellowish tone, so that it can cover my redness(if you have the issue too) quite well. If you want a healthier complexion, you can try shade 2, that's recommended if you have paler skin. I don't think you should try it if you have a reddish skintone.


Guess What? Clio Singapore is giving away a grand prize! Here's what you have to do:

A staycation at Sentosa Cove worth over $500, plus CLIO beauty hampers worth $120 each - you and your bestie could WIN them all! Join the CLIO Stamping Challenge by sending a simple makeover clip of you and your best friend using CLIO’s newest Kill Cover Stamping Foundation. 

Whether it’s a homemade video using your camera phone, or a masterpiece shot in front of your bedroom mirror, what we really want to see is the two of you having lots of fun while you stamp away! So go ahead and send an entry today, you might just be our grand prize winner. 

Click on the link to find out more:

Or find out more on their Facebook page:

Submissions close 30th September!

You can also view my video in my facebook page:

So, let's get back to the review shall we? :D

Does it does what it claims?
Claim 1: Innovative sponge application that flawlessly "stamps" your complexion to perfection
The sponge came in a plastic container which I thought was really thoughtful. It blends well, leaving a fitting effect instead of a full glowing effect. I am fine with it since I have oily skin, it would glow by midday lol. I have difficulties stamping on the inner sides of my nose as the applicator is a little hard to manoeuvre. However it does provide a smooth complexion as claimed! You can use your cushion puff too if you prefer.
Claim 2: Mesh dispensing system, provides buildable coverage with the included ergonomically designed sponge, delivering seamless and flawless blending and finish.
So there is this mesh separator, I think it does evenly distribute the product on the stamping tool. It didn't pick up too much, hence when applied, it's a very thin layer. You can slowly build it up in this case.

Summary of product:
| Packaging |
~ I am blown away by the packaging. It's shaped like a cushion and packaged in a more atas way. It comes in a pretty big box with a flip explaining to you what the product is about. Even the stamping tool comes with a plastic casing. The foundation compact is made of good quality plastic which I really liked! 

| Smell |
~ Fragrance.

| Color? |
~ #3 BY-Linen.

| Pros |
~ Not too drying, it's easy to build on layers.
~ Good coverage, covers dark circles and small blemishes well. 
~ Instantly brightens and evens out your skin tone after applying the first layer.
~ Your stamping tool will not be dirty as it comes with a casing.
~ Convenient to bring out instead of big heavy foundation bottles. 
~ Stays put on my face for 6-7 hours with near zero oxidation on my oily face.
~ No need to set powder, it's matt with subtle glow. No more hairs sticked on my face lika finally!

| Cons | 
~ Although it's able to be layered on, I would not really encourage you to touch up your make up especially if you have dry skin. It's best for you to moisturize beforehand if not it may cling onto some of your dry patches.

| Would I buy this again? |
I always preferred to go for a lighter coverage so foundation is normally not my cup of tea. I wouldn't repurchase but if it comes in a 'bb' version, I would most probably buy it again :) However, this is quite a holy grail product if you are a frequent foundation user. Lightweight with full coverage! What more can you ask for?

| Where to buy? |
You can buy this from Watsons.

| Ratings on this product |
4/5 Hearts!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
Sponsored product from Hashtag Interactive & Clio Singapore.

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