Hauls - It's Skin Sesame Street Edition Post Review


Today I am sharing another of my haul post from it's skin! Recently collections are way too adorable that I can't resist getting myself some. This was launched a few weeks ago and I didn't expect Singapore to bring this collection in - since some were exclusively for korea only. I include the prices/pricelist too in this post :)

Macaron Sugar Cushion (Elmo) & Macaron Sugar Powder Pact (Cookie Monster) $36.90 & $29.90 respectively.
So this was the first two stuffs I placed into my shopping bag when I entered lol. Cushions = must try! I saw the powder pact way too cute to resist so I got it too lol. But anyway the powder pact is NON-refillable. They come with refills for the elmo cushion at $19.90.

Macaron Lip Balm $11.90
The lip balms are adorable! Anyway their original price for a plain macaron lip balm was $11, so I was quite surprised they did not overpriced the special edition one.

Cookie And Hand Cream $6.90
It's the first time ever I came across a cookie scented handcream. It smells like OREO. Really. It's white with brown spot just like Mcflurry lol. My boyfriend was like babe, you wouldn't wanna get this. You wanna walk around smelling like an oreo? You may end up eating more lol. But I still bought it anyway.

Their freebies. I spent more than $50 so I was given a free headband. They let me choose whether I want elmo or cookie monster, I picked elmo haha! The pouches comes with every purchase of a cushion/powder pact only.

For your information, here's the completed pricelist.

I didn't buy the serums, I still have them, I ain't a fan of them.

So, here's a voucher I received together with  my purchase. My bf was nagging at me, why you don't use it immediately. I say I thought that's just another information slip about their collab LOL.

Anyway, here's my hauls from It's Skin! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or requests xo

(I paid for all the products, I am not paid to write this post.)
- Jean

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  1. Wow, it is very cute. I want all of them.. Hehe..
    Btw, I really like to read your blog.. Keep writing ^.^

    1. Hi Nelly :)

      Aww thank you very much, I really appreciate your support <3 !
      Have a great TGIF ahead xo