Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon Palette Swatches & Review


I would never bear to splurge on high end brand cosmetics, because if I were to start, I don't think I would be able to stop ohmy. Last year's xmas, Sephora was having a 20% storewide sale, I was eyeing on this palette for the longest time ever and placed it under my xmas wishlist. My sweetest boyfriend decided to surprise me with this palette right after my long tiring day at work. Shocked beyond words haha! Anyway, back to the review on the palette! I am so in love with this palette now.


What is it:
Discover a candy-coated confection of heart-shaped delights with 16 matte and shimmer shades in cool pops of color, sugary brights, and beautiful go-to neutrals—all infused with our chocolate-scented, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder formula. Chocolate Bon Bons is the third palette in our bestselling Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection (and some might say the cutest!). We’ve included our signature Glamour Guide with three beauty looks to get you started, but don't stop there—the looks are limitless.

More To Love:
Infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder
14 brand new shades plus 2 cult favorites to allow limitless eye looks
Research has shown that the scent of cocoa is a natural mood-booster
Heart-shaped pans and rich candied brights make this the perfect addition to the Chocolate Bar family.

All the colours are suitable for daily wear :D

Mixture of glitters and matt shades~
Burst of cocoa smell when opened!

Close up on the shades.

The colors are very pigmented. I specially liked Sprinkles, Cotton Candy and Molasses Chips.

Totally fetched and Mocha! Love how the swatch turns out.

A comparison with and without flash.

The other 2 shades (the rectangle ones instead of heart shapes).

Does it does what it claims?
Claim 1: Infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder.
They weren't joking about the cocoa! It really smells exactly like chocolates when I first opened it. I love the smell and I almost wanted to eat the palette lol. It doesn't smell weird and funky, it smells naturally like REAL chocolates.
Claim 2: 14 brand new shades plus 2 cult favorites to allow limitless eye looks.
Yes, the colors are great for everyday look and you can create a lot of looks with just 1 palette. I will bring this for travel :p
Claim 3: Research has shown that the scent of cocoa is a natural mood-booster
Can't help but to agree with this. Happy women right here!

Summary of product:
| Packaging |
~ Chocolate bar packaging, best part? It's PINK.

| Smell |
~ Cocoa! Chocolate! It taste delicious.

| Color? |
~ 16 swatches.

| Pros |
~ No allergic reactions.
~ Smells naturally like chocolate, no fake smell.
~ Not chalky, no falling pieces.
~ Pigmented.
~ Blends out well.
~ Able to create different looks with just one of this palette.

| Cons | 
~ Price point. (But its about $4.75 for a color? Actually it's rather reasonable, but still may be exp for students.)

| Would I buy this again? |
I want the second palette cmon! How to resist these cute packaging. I really think this is worth the money.

| Where to buy? |
I got mine from Sephora, Suntec City (My bf bought for me).

| Ratings on this product |
5/5 Hearts!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my Boyfriend's money lol. 

Have questions?
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Till the next time!


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