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An anti aging product for lips! So Addicted Official contacted me and I was given an opportunity to test out their products and share with you guys! At first, I thought it was just another ordinary product but after reading up about them, I was wrong. If you need a plumped up looking lips, you might want to try this out. It's said to replace injections and still achieve similar results!

So what is it about:
LIP ADDICT! This ground-breaking product is a multi-purpose lip treatment that not only hydrates your lips, it reduces the appearance of lip vertical lines and reflects light in such a way that it makes your lips appear fuller. It is a hypoallergenic product, formulated with only the best and most effective ingredients we could get our hands on. The blend of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and peptides helps plump the lips by increasing hydration and erasing those lines by stimulating collagen synthesis. You will experience a tingly cooling effect after applying it on to your lips (that’s the menthol) instead of the painful swelling/stinging sensation associated with other lip plumpers. After a month, you will notice that your lips are not only healthier, but more defined and hydrated as well. Apply Lip Addict on its own to achieve the best results or you could layer it with your favorite lip color to get the look you desire!

The packaging is of great quality and it does feel like holding a high end lip gloss. I love the shimmers in the gloss too. The packaging looks great and I have high hopes for the inside.

The way they carry their products, not just creating a makeup but more than it. I appreciate how they care for their consumers in long term.

A short write up of the lip product is included.

• A lip treatment designed to help you to achieve a younger, fully, sexier pout without the cost and pain of lip injections.
• It reduces the appearance of fine lines, hydrates, plumps and improves the definition of the lip contour.
• LipAddict lightweight molecular formula gaurantees that your lips won't be left with that annoying sticky sensation.

The 3 colors of my choice was:
203 Coralista
209 Candy Swirl
205 Sexy Seductress

When swatched, it looks shimmery and really glossy! Look at how it reflects above. The coral wasn't as coral as I expected though. It looks towards the pink tone and is a little less captivating when applied on lips. However, it would be good to use on days with light makeup. The swatch looks fine but just did not turn out well on my lips.

Here are the swatches. My favourite pick would be the Candy Swirl. But candy swirl has lesser shimmers damn :( Look at how it coats the lips, looks really glossy and healthier. My lips looks dull without any lip balm so with this I skip my balm!

Picture above, I am using Candy Swirl.

Does it does what it claims?

Claim 1: A lip treatment designed to help you to achieve a younger, fully, sexier pout without the cost and pain of lip injections.
My lips do look fuller for sure the moment I apply the gloss BUT the effects are not long latsing. Just like lip balms, constant reapplication is needed for me as I have peeling and dry lips all the time. It doesn't feel painful but the first application may set you feeling surprise as it's very minty and tingling. It feels like something is penetrating into your lips.
Claim 2: It reduces the appearance of fine lines, hydrates, plumps and improves the definition of the lip contour.
The effects are present however it lasted only for a few hours though. I was thinking maybe it requires constant use to see long term effect. No products can create a miracle overnight actually.
Claim 3: LipAddict lightweight molecular formula guarantees that your lips won't be left with that annoying sticky sensation.
I do feel stickiness for the first 1 minute on. Afterwards, the stickiness disappears. It doesn't really bother me as it goes away very fast.

Summary of product:
| Packaging |
~ Reminds me of a dior dupe? A simplified dior packaging.

| Smell |
~ Minty smell? Um, something like a toothpaste smell that's fresh and minty.

| Color? |
~ 12 colors for you to choose from.

| Pros |
~ No bad reactions.
~ Refreshing sensation on lips.
~ It taste sweet LOL, I didn't purposely taste it, it just went into my mouth.
~ Lips looks really plumped up and healthy!
~ Stickiness at the first minute.
~ Love the packaging!

| Cons | 
~ Does not stay on long enough.
~ No tint left behind. It's best to use a lip tint underneath as this one drops totally.
~ Coralista pigments ain't strong enough.
~ Price Point.

| Would I buy this? |
It cost $49 each which is a high end gloss. If you are looking for something to pamper your lips or if you have concerns over your wrinkly and dull lips, you might wanna try this out. Somehow when the lipgloss is being applied, you can feel a reaction on your lips. I thought that was pretty cool. I will update on the effects again in this blogpost. If it does help, I wouldn't mind to pay cause my lips gets SORES easily. I sleep in an aircon room and the next morning I can see red patches when my lips ain't properly moisturised the night before.

| Where to buy? |
So Addicted Official kindly sent me the product for review purposes.
You may alternatively click on this link here https://www.soaddicted.com/shop/ to purchase, and feel free to use my code <JeanAddict15> for a 15% discount!

| Ratings on this product |
3.9/5 Hearts!
* 1 for the packaging and delivery condition, 1 for the lip plumping effect, 1.5 for the 2 in 1 (Skincare + Makeup), 0.4 for the taste(I hate weird tasting lip gloss I swearrrrrr).

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Lip glosses were kindly sent to me for review purposes by So Addicted Official. Although so, my thoughts and views remains honest and unbiased.
~ Item was sent to me for review only and no monetary was involved.

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!


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