April Skin Turn Up Colour Treatment Hair Dye Review


If you had been following my insta-snap, you may had already seen my pink hair and the process too! There was a lot of questions raised, I received quite a number of DMs too. I decided to do a review on it so no one would miss it out :)

What is it:
This is not a permanent hair dye.
It is a color treatment which tints hair.
Two weeks long hair tint:
The color naturally fades away after 2-3 weeks.
You can try a new hair color in every 2 weeks.
Color Tinting without damaging cuticles:
Unlike a permanent hair dye which expands cuticles to penetrate a color inside,
this hair treatment attaches the color pigment on to a surface of the hair.
Therefore, there is no cuticle damage.
Nourishing hair with a shine:
20 herb extracts nourishes a brittle hair, so even on a seriously damaged hair can have define color and shine.

Number of Turn-Up color treatment you need.
In average, short length needs 2 Turn-Up Color Treatments.
Shoulder length medium length needs 2~3 Turn-Up Color Treatments.
Long hair 4 Turn-Up Color Treatments.
(Number of Turn-Up Color Treatment requires may vary due to the length and volume of your hair.)
With 5 colors, you can mix them to create your unique color like a water paint!
How to Use
1. If the treatment is used on dark and not dyed hair, it can not be fully tinted as a color you desire.
2. Since the color fades away gradually and naturally, use separate towel and dry thoroughly after shampoo.
3. If more vibrant color is preferred, wait little longer after applying.
4. If stronger tint is preferred, apply the Turn-Up Color Treatment on a dry hair.
5. To prevent fading quickly, dry your hair completely after use.
6. Additional conditioner or treatment use after color treatment is not recommended.
7. It can be easily tinted on skin, so gloves and gown are strongly recommended.

They have included an English ingredient list with short descriptions too.

The 20 herbs extract really gotten my attention. I was really looking forward to soft hair since I bleach and perm my hair very often.

Each box also comes with a glove and plastic cover to protect your hands and clothes from staining.

It comes in 60ml per tube. The Gatsby dye that I always used comes in 100ml.

Bright pink colour gooey cream! I squeezed all into a container and mixed well. Do note to apply on damp hair!

My hair had already been bleached 3 times using Gatsby Hi-Bleach. I proceed to apply the peach pink hair dye from April Skin on damp hair.

This is after the dye.

It isn't really even but somehow it's better than full pink too haha! As in, I thought this mix was kinda cool too. Anyway, I would say it turned out well.

This was taken one day later after shampooing.

Does it does what it claims?
Claim 1: Nourishing hair with a shine.
This went out of my expectations! While washing my hair, I could feel the softness already. The exact same feeling I had when I used a conditioner. It's a comforting feeling, my hair finally feels healthy.
Claim 2: 20 herb extracts nourishes a brittle hair, so even on a seriously damaged hair can have define color and shine.
I kid u not, my hair is really damaged after all the harsh treatment and bleaching all these years. The ends really looks healthier and softer!

Summary of product:
| Packaging |
~ Pretty box packaging, simple and direct. The colours were all clearly designed on the box. But it wasn't like some other hair dye boxes where they will show u sample of what color you should expect, for e.g. black > xxx or bleached hair > xxx images on the box. I thought if they add that, consumers wouldn't need to go through the hassle of googling to check and see.

| Smell |
~ First time smelling such a nice sweet smelling dye. Never in my life ever.

| Color? |
~ Peach Pink.

| Pros |
~ Very nourishing, damage hair feels healthier after use.
~ Great for fickle minded humans like me. I don't like to stick with a colour for too long.
~ Easy to use (Easier than bleach).
~ Very fast and fuss free.
~ Affordable.

| Cons | 
~ For peach pink, if you don't bleach your hair, I am afraid it's not going to show.

| Would I buy this again? |
Totally! I'm super tempted to pick the blue one. How does blue hair sounds to you guys? I don't mind as it's temporary plus it's not damaging at all. My hair feels soft and healthy after use. I know 3CE had also came out with hair tints. So if SASA sells it, I would definitely get them too haha!

| Where to buy? |
I bought mine from SASA, Wisma Atria.

| Ratings on this product |
5/5 Hearts!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!


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  1. Hi! Do I really need to bleach my hair first before using this? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi, you will need to bleach in order to achieve a brighter color :)

  2. Hi, how many tubes did you used for your hair?

  3. hi.. have you ever try the april skin turn up bleach and aprilskin turn up color cream highlightener? which one u recomend ? how long the time between each coloring should be? (from bleach to coloring)? thank you sooo much 😘

    1. Hi dear,

      I have not, I had been using Gatsby Hi Bleach all this time :) For bleach 30-40 mins I leave on, for color 15-20 mins (for the april skin one) :D

      Hope it helps xo

  4. Hi, how long does it last?