Gatsby Hi Bleach + Ash Grey Hair Dye Review


Halo! It's been years I have been bleaching my hair. Three year plus in fact. It's crazy and I know, hurting my scalp and damaging my hair. So, I am kinda bend on that this will be my last time bleaching. I never bleached my hair elsewhere before beside the first time we screwed it up and we got it fixed at a salon, but well, after that, we got the hang of it and from then on we did it ourselves. 

In total, I used 3 Hi-Bleach, 2 Fade Ash. These can be easily purchased from Watsons, Guardian or Supermarkets. 

First, set up the newspaper. We previously made the floor a mess >~<

Comb hair comb hair. My boyfriend helps me to do this, but he gets really piss off when he can't part my hair lol

I bleach my roots every 6 months. Prior to bleaching day, I try to keep my hair unwash for at least 2 days. So the first bleach wouldn't be so harsh on my scalp since there is oil. 

Ear caps on. Previously my ear bled due to direct contact from bleaching agent. 

Ok, badly done! Haha, did not overlap the roots properly. Second round, we actually applied on the darker part first and over. Hoping it would even out~

Lighting very nice ~~ Take a selfie. 

So here is the result of the second round. Very orangey. Some parts more blonde. This was because we applied too much of the cream on some parts. 

Nevermind, third round! Apply it over again trying to apply the lighter parts at the last. 

Actually it's considered even out. Just the yellow tinge. I always have this problem and only a toner can solve this. But sadly, I didn't prepare toner this round >_<||

I applied the ash grey on and whoooooops my lighter hair actually turned purple. So beware people!!!!

So my hair has two tones in the end. Well, it wasn't that bad. Just uncomfortable with it as I wasn't expecting this end result oooops. 

After washing for about 4 days. Purple faded. Top part had turn more yellowish also. I used purple shampoo and purple conditioner to wash my hair. This purple shampoo can also contribute to softening your blonde. 

So! I went to get toners. Need to faster tone down and cancel out the yellow tones. This is because new year is coming!!

I got my white toner from JCube. For $19.90 a tub. It's 88ml, just enough for my roots. 



The photos may look the same tone but it toned down the yellow in fact. I should had just left it on longer :( I did this after work and I was really too tired to wait. My bad. 

Bleaching is a tiring process. For you and for your scalp. Have to really take care of your hair after bleaching. 

My scalp tends to peel for the next few days but would get better afterwards. 

| Packaging |
~ Standard dye, with the bleaching powder agent and cream. Comes with one pair of plastic gloves and also an instruction manual. 

| Smell |
~ Can choke you. Well, it's ammonia. 

| Color? |
~ Hi bleach, Fade Ash. 

| Pros |
~ This is the best bleaching dye you can get from Watsons in my opinion. Unless you are ok to order other even better ones from overseas. 

| Cons | 
~ Bleaching can damage your hair and scalp. 
~ Smelly!!!!!

| Would I buy this again? |
This is the brand I always use to bleach my hair!

| Where to buy? |
Watsons, Guardian or supermarkets. 

| Ratings on this product |
4.5/5 Hearts!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!

- Jean.

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  1. So i have to buy both bleach and the hair dye if i want to get brown hair from black hair?

    1. Hey there, somewhat yes. This is because bleaching on very black hair will result in a very orangey tone result. It doesn't look nice and looks very brassy. You may need to bleach thrice for better results. You don't have to choose ash grey in this case like me. Since you wanted brown.

      Hoped it helps :)

  2. Hello, can I know how long did u left the bleach on for all 3 bleaching

    1. Hi, 30-40 mins. For grey dye, 10-15 mins only. Hope it helps :)

    2. For the grey dye, will leaving it longer make it darker grey or lighter grey? Or what would be the outcome?

    3. Leaving too long will turn purple. I will only leave it on for 5-10 mins. Hope it helps :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yes it does. It will be back to blonde :)

  4. Hello! Did you do all 3 bleaching at a go in a day? Got any rest time in between?

    I am thinking if it is possible to bleach just ONCE on virgin black hair to get a brighter hair shade so that I can use hair dye to get resultant hair colour as desired? eg:purple/ashygrey/pastel?
    That is because I have around a week to get desired hair colour and I want to DIY but i read that bleaching black hair needs to take 2-3 times with days in btw so im thinking if i can just bleach once and use dye on the orange hair....

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hey there! I am afraid it won't work if you only bleach once. Cause black is the darkest hair color, so when bleached, it turns really orangey yellowish. I recommend you to dye at least twice haha. I do all in a day btw. Spam conditioner and hair mask afterwards would do :)

  5. Hi there just wondering, is it possible if I bleached black hair about 1 hour to get it into about orangey yellowish and then use white toner on it to remove the brassiness.

    1. Hi, bleaching once wouldn't be enough. It will be too orange if you have deep black hair. I bleached twice at least. So far to me the la riche toner don't lighten well enough. I am not too sure with the other brands.

  6. U do know that la riche now only costs 8$ right in sg? :')

    1. Hi there, I didn't! Where? omg!!

  7. did anyone tell you that you look so much like IU?