We Are The Furballs - Dog Cafe Review


It's been a really loooooooong time since we had visited We Are The furballs again! I think this round is the third or fourth round we were back if I ain't wrong. Love dogs? I think here's the place for ya!

Thanks to the really pretty lady boss who was kind and really helpful~ She helped us to take photo! So thankful~ It was a great experience this round for me though the previous one was bad.
They lady boss was really a kind lady, she actually helped us to get wooly to come over, cause no dogs wanted to come to us ;p 

Why did I stop going back to WTF (We Are The Furballs) previously?

The previous staff was quite rude, I didn't like the service, so I didn't went back again. 
I am a easy going person. We don't owe each other anything either. We are not demanding too. We wanted to look and pet the dogs, that's all.
From my memory, I remember that my boyfriend was trying to feed lola(lola was feisty), and she barked a lil, she doesn't like people that's new to touch her. Upon hearing her barking, the staff, she walked over and talked with an attitude like can you stop disturbing her, she is being traumatized by you. Just leave her alone. That was our second/third visit (our last). 'Traumatized'. Harsh word. Call me sensitive or what but... we meant no harm q(; n ;)p

We encountered students (young) throwing the food on the ground and the dogs actually 'fought'. You know they assume it's theirs, so they fought. Once, all the dogs chased wooly and my boyfriend was tying to separate them, ended up bitten by Lulu. I think wooly was so terrified that he peed and ya, splashed on me too while running. - This happened on my last visit too.
But actually, all these was fine for me. Just not the staff attitude. They might be naughty and a little aggressive if you are not firm. If they accidentally scratch you it's normal too. They are harmless, they just want to play with you. They just want your treats so they can get hyped.

Would I still go back now?
Yes definitely! Continue reading and I will tell you why!

Say hi to wooly~! Thanks to the lady boss that helped us to get wooly over~ She is the youngest among all the dogs.

By the way, all the dogs are females.

Cute even when drinking water.

Hi to dutchess!! Love her spots, she is so cute! She knows the most stuns, such as paw and roll over. You guys should see how she rows. Totally cute!

This is Bui Bui! Today Bui Bui was unwell, she was shaking. Luckily the boss was around. He seems to know what's wrong with her and fed her some medicine I think. She refused to eat any treats although we tried to offer her a few times. I guess she is really unwell :(

Bui Bui is the most well behaved dog imo. She don't really bark.. Plus point is she loves sitting on people's lap - just like lulu too :p

Ok, she is amazed by the oranges haha! Luckily lady boss snatch it away! If not I think she would have chewed on it!

Our dear slinky! The sausage dog~ She was amazed by the oranges too. Seems like all of them are curious about 'new objects'. 

Haha selfie! Surprised face like that!!!

Slinky seldom sits on people's lap?! I was so shock she came to sit on my lap! She just rest there, let me pet her omg. Her eyes, asking for treats but I was instructed by the staffs not to feed her as she is on her diet. Please don't blame me! It's for your health!

Sitting like a boss.

Bui Bui comfy pillow. My boyfriend hand makes the best cushion.

How adorable?

Her eyes, deep in thoughts liddat.

Haha it's so funny! Slinky actually dugged her way in between us. She was like squeezing in and we had to give her space. 

Bui Bui, unwell :(

Getting comfortable and sleeping.

Waiting for my treats.

Keep giving me that puppy eyes for treats!

Here comes lola! Today lola like good mood, my boyfriend fear petting at her cause of the previous incident. I think we never traumatized lola. Is we kena traumatize by her lmao.

She wants treats! Her mouth very tiny, so she doesn't seems to like the brown treats.

She knows how to do Hi 5 and paw! Yay!!

Dutchess on the bench~

Waiting for treats patiently.

Lola waiting for treats also.

How fluffy is she omg.

See her cute little tongue. I cannot maintain.

When she looks at you. You know you can'r reject her treats can you?

Oi, Why I wait so long you still not giving me any treats!!!

She can be really quiet too~

Anyway here is Mochi on the left and Yuki Chan on the right!

Lulu on someone's lap. She is a cute toy poodle~~~

Ok so summary time!! ^U^

| Where is this place? |
~ Located at Bugis+ Level 07-07

| Fees |
~ They increased the fees again :(
~ Previously it was $9.50 on a weekend, $8.50 on weekday. No time limits. (Katong)
~ Current Rates:
Weekdays: $10.90 // Weekends, Eve & PH: $12.50 (2 hours limit). $2.50 every half an hour.
* Comes with a drink, but I realized we weren't offered any plus I totally forget ops.
~ Treats, $3/pk or buy 3 packs and get and extra 1 pack for free.

| Limitations |
~ Other dogs not allowed. If you want bring dogs, can try poodle cafe. But sometimes they have bigger dogs, I scared HAHA.

| Services |
~ Great this round! Thumbs up! Lady boss herself was friendly. Counter staffs were all very friendly and nice. Very polite :)

| Feedbacks |
~ Toilet training? Nope. They do their business anywhere. They spray and mop over. That's all. I thought it would be good if they were toilet trained. So it's quite unhygienic for the guests.

Anyone wants a review on The Poodle Cafe? But that was last year.

The end of our Dog Cafe journey. Moving on to orchard - Etude House for some shopping!

More reviews coming soon? And I actually spent over $120 to get a free gift set lol. 

Bought for my baby boy a pair of nike air force today! Guys will be guys. Wait until shoe spoil then wanna hunt for shoes. Blessed to have a boyfriend that saves his money well. This is your valentine's gift. Plus an upcoming staycation. I have many things to share here :p

Our first selfie before heading out. Am so blessed to have you. Thanks for always being here, for this 7 years.

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 
Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!

- Jean.

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