Hacks to get double eyelid! - Scotch Magic Tape


Back with another post on a non-surgical double eyelid hack that's tested and proven on myself. I have inner lids. But barely looks like inner lids, it looks more like mono lids when I open my eyes. This sucks pretty badly because:

1. My eyeliner never ever stays on. It smudges as my lids rubs against it.
2. My eyes looks so much smaller and tired.
3. I just don't like it.

Actually I have no intention of using this tape for double eyelids at first. Firstly, this is damn expensive. You can get a row at the cheap accessories store near MRTs for like 3 bucks? But I don't like their qualities tbh. It's so not sticky and can drop off like in the mid of the day.

I used this because my poly project needed this and there was like so much leftovers. Heartpain leh, quite expensive for a transparent tape. Hence I decided to fully utilized it and nope, I never regretted!

Here's how I cut it. Don't need to be too big. Actually you really need to adjust according. This is because everyone's eye is different. The tip is always remember, you want to change your crease line. Meaning adjust your eye to a permanent new crease line.

If I were to fully open my eye, it will look like this. Like no inner lids.

But actually I do, and it's really inner. The upper eyelid sort of cover my eyes and makes it smaller. This is because my crease line is low.

This is how my crease line is like initially. It's really low and starts from the inner corner of my eye. I wanna 'disrupt' the line to form a new line on top.

Whatever way you choose to stick, always remember the tape should be overlapping your crease line. I used this for 3 years everyday. (Previous 2 years I was using double eyelid glue.) I realize my creased line was 'broken' recently, no longer in one line. So when I open my eyes, I got my double eyelids.

This is how it looks like when you stick on the tape. This tape lasting power is quite good. For example if I were to use it on Friday night and I ain't going out on the weekends, I would continue to stick it on without changing. Guess what, it last on till Sunday and I change it on Sunday night to prep for my Monday morning make up. Yes you can stick it to sleep. Yes you can also wash your face. But don't rub too hard la, will come off.

Stick tape on freshly washed skin for long lasting effect. You can apply your eyeliner over :) It will not smudge.

| Packaging |
~ Normal transparent tape in a cardboard box.

| Color? |
~ Stated as an Art & Craft transparent tape but has a matt off white finishing. Please don't try scotch tape. It's too flimsy lol.

| Pros |
~ Long term of using, you will get your double eyelid permanent.
~ Last whole day without dropping.
~ You can still draw your eyeliner, overlapping/drawing abit over the tape is fine too, it will not smudge(gel liner preferred) and will last long for the day. 

| Cons | 
~ Need to cut manually.
~ It's obvious if you close your eyes.
~ Effect is not immediate and it varies for everyone since our eyes are different.

| Would I buy this again? |
Yea, but this one row can last for a year lol!

| Where to buy? |
I got mine at the Popular Bookstore.

| Ratings on this product |
5/5 Hearts!

For now, I don't use this tape in the day anymore. I stick it when I get home and then overnight. I use eyes to calm my puffy eyes too every morning and night.

Remember everyone's eyes is different! Don't be dishearten if it takes longer!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!

- Jean.

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  1. Don't you feel pain after using it? Like scratch and bleeding. I'm using it too, but it likes poke my eyes.

    1. Hello, no! I normally use an eye cream as per normal first. Only right before I sleep, I use a non-oily mist and wipe away the cream and paste the stickers on. In the morning, wet with water and remove. Apply eye cream on eyes again :) Do be gentle as the eyes areas are really delicate and it's gonna be painful to have irritations!

  2. I have used tape for several years but my mom convince me to make an inner eyelid surgery. I can`t wait to see the results. I am using coconut oil instead of eye cream. It works just fine but it is more oily.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! till date my right eye still not seasoned. I still have to stick overnight. All the best to you!!!

  3. Hello! I've been using scotch tape for a little over a year now, I just stumbled across this post & ordered some of the tape you recommended from Amazon. I'm really insecure about my eyelids, I look mad and tired all the time.Im not of Asian race but my eyelids are the same as yours! I'd like to know however, what do say to people when they ask "What the heck is on your eyes?" I get that question on the daily and I never know what to say, I told someone one time what I was trying to even out my eyelids but they just gave me a speech about how it looks weird and I should accept myself.. I end up feeling more insecure about wearing the tape but I don't like the way my eyes look without the tape. And then I just feel like people are looking at me all the time. I don't like talking to people or doing presentations in class (i'm 15) because everyone stares at my eyelids. How did you deal with that? Also, sometimes the tape won't work as well as other days(my eyes look smaller), I wake up with puffy eyes sometimes so maybe that's the case? Or is it because I use scotch tape? Thank you so much.