Hauls - Etude House My Little Nut Edition Post Review


Hi there! Just to share my post review first, I had recently made a purchase of My Little Nut edition from Etude house and I am loving it! I am gonna do a impression post on the following. Let me know which of the following you would like me to do a full review on first :)

The following is bought with my own money ^3^

My Little Nut Lip Kissful Lip Care Set $21/set
The lipbalms are sold as a set only. I wanted to buy it separately (cause it's expensive to buy a complete set). Although I love pink, I preferred the green one more, I guess it's the expression, the vain face expression :p

The packaging was really detailed from inside out.

My Little Nut Fantastic Color Eyes Set $25.90/ea
This palette came with two options. I personally like the Lucky Red Little Nut palette more than the other one. The colors were more suitable for everyday wear.

My Little Nut Lip Colourful Scent Perfume Hand Cream Set $28/set
I wanted to get only the red one, but it comes in a set again and it's not sold separately. It comes it a pretty big tube so it's gonna last me quite a while. It came with a unique box packaging and looks great as a xmas gift.

My Little Nut Lip Dear My Enamel Lips Talk $17.90/ea
I managed to self control and bought only 1 lipstick from this collection. I chose a pink tone one. Based on the tester I tried that day, the lipstick is a little glossy giving a very natural tone.

My Little Nut Lip Eau De Perfume Set $28/set
I am a hoarder for Etude House scents cause it smells nice and the mini roll on ones are really easy to bring around conveniently. It's so easy to reapply at any point of the day.

The special edition ones had nut cracker printed on it which is so adorable!

My Little Nut Lip Any Cushion Case $16/ea
This casing came in two colours, red and pink. It doesn't come with a refill inside anyway. I bought it cause I have extra any cushion refill. The quality isn't so great, it's like cheap plastic hmm.
Lastly, I managed to get special edition pen this for free!

Final summary of my buys:
I think this edition mostly came in sets, which is a little pricey to afford. If only they sold the products seperately, maybe more would had purchased. But since christmas is coming, it can be bought as a set as a gift to your loved ones. The packaging is really nice, from inside out honestly.

If you would like me to do a review on any of the items I bought above, do comment below to let me know ^o^

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  1. Hey there! I was wondering if the eyeshadow palette is good, because I never try korean eyeshadow before, thank you!


    1. Hi Margaretha!

      Apparently it's pigmented when swatched on my hands but lighter shades ones doesn't really stand out as nice as on their photos when applied on my eyelids.

      I think $25.90sgd for a palette of 6 colors is still reasonable and the quality is not bad too :)

      Hope it helps!