3CE - Pore Silky Balm Review


Today I will be reviewing on my all time favourite primer. I had been using this product (on and off) since it's first launch. This is really holy grail and I kept going back for it even though I switched out and tried other pore balms. This product is really effective and affordable!

Images taken from 3CE website

The 3CE Pore Silky Balm acts as a primer that preps the skin for makeup by smoothening it out and covering large and visible pores. It also has a moisturising texture that stays longer and feels pleasant on the skin.

The orange there looks like my skin. I have enlarged pores, especially when you look at it closed up. You can look at my last photo for my 'pores' haha.

Ok so, I bought two recent ones from Sephora. The new one as seen above looks different from the one I ordered from Stylenanda previously. No worries, Sephora does not sell any imitations so I was pretty sure that it was just the packaging which might had changed over the years.

It comes with a spatula. However, there is one which I bought from Sephora, it didn't came with the spatula :/ I was wondering is it cause it was an exchange product and someone took it out or what :(

Here's the back, it looks pretty different too.

Anyway, there should be a seal to show it's new and authentic.

The balm is slightly yellowish. However when applied it is white :)

This was the first one I bought from Sephora that's finishing soon. So I always use the spatula to scoop out a little of the balm and melt it between my fingers before application. There was a sponge provided but I would prefer to use my fingers for application.

There isn't a need to apply this much, I just wanted to show you how it looks when blended out. A bit would do the job, applying too much can make it hard to spread and difficult to apply the next layer. Keep your base thin.

When blended, it leaves a white cast on your face. It's good for me cause I have dull skin(due to redness). It instantly brightened up my skin!

Look at the difference, No filters and edits except for the blanko and words.
The balm filled into my pores and settled nicely. HOnestly, I was afraid it would clog up my pores but thank god it didn't.

Summary of product:
| Packaging |
~ Black tin packaging with sponge and spatula included. It came in a matt black box with pretty pink on the insides.

| Smell |
~ Smells like rubber. Doesn't smell bad.

| Color? |
~ White.

| Pros |
~ No allergies.
~ Does not clog pores.
~ It's a matt finishing which is great for people with oily skin.
~ Really cover up my pores and my skin looks so much healthier.
~ Foundation/BB Creams would have a smooth finishing after having this on.
~ Controls oil longer.
~ Can be used as a blotting powder.
~ Affordable. Its retailing at $18 only at Sephora.

| Cons | 
~ Not hygienic if you are doing touch ups with this.
~ The tin packaging might dent if you drop it off your table.

| Would I buy this again? |
Yes. I kept coming back for it. It's that good. I love the matt finishing, oil control and how well it hides my pores.

| Where to buy? |
I bought mine at Sephora @ Jem Shopping Mall.

| Ratings on this product |
5/5 Hearts!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Paid with my own money. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!


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