(PR) Skin&Lab - Dr Spot Clear Don't Touch Trouble Spot Review


Singapore weather had hit it's hottest point again this mid july and my skin started showing problems due to this. With really bad spots and red bumps, I was so vexed and stressed out as my normal routine couldn't clear it away. However, it was a relieve as I received this product from Althea at the right time!

There were many brands for acne but why this caught my eyes? I guess it was the brand. Skin&lab sounds very dermatological to me.

As taken from Althea website^ There were many other reviews and many of them praised the effectiveness of this product.

You are recommended to apply this 2-3 times a day but I use it twice a day both after my skincare routine(last step). It comes in a white packaging with a silver cap. It's opaque so you can't see how much is left sadly.

It's a relieve to read that this brand focus on dermatological experience, which means it cares for sensitive/troubled skin individuals.

The tip is really precise, you wont accidentally squeeze too much and waste. I normally squeeze it onto a cotton bud and apply on infected areas or areas that I needed care.

The product is gel like and transparent, once absorb you will not feel anything on your face. No stickiness at all!

I would say this product does what it claims! In about 2 weeks most of the problematic areas had been taken care of! Tell me how can you not get this product?

Summary of product:
| Packaging |
~ A plastic tube with stainless steel alike screw on cap. It contains only 15ml which I wished was more.

| Smell |
~ It smells a little sweet!

| Color? |
~ Transparent which means suitable to use under make up!

| Pros |
~ This was really moisturising. It didn't left any dry patches.
~ Perfect to use before makeup as it doesn't leaves any trace of dryness nor looks like something was underneath. I do not have to worry about my make up worsening my skin.
~ Improvement can be seen after 2-3 days of use, twice a day. Longer period of use can solve your redness issues.
~ Soothes skin effectively which include redness and sensitive skin besides pimples and acne.
~ Easy to apply and blend out!
~ Lightweight and easy to bring around.

| Cons | 
~ $15 for 15ml which means it is $1 for 1 ml. I thought it was a little pricey.
~ If only it came in a bigger tube!
~ Unable to know if it's running out as it's an opaque packaging.

| Would I buy this again? |
Yes I just placed another order, and gotten another two tubes of this!! I felt that everyone should give this product a try. Its really very effective! To add on, I like the scent too.

| Where to buy? |
I got mine from Althea.
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| Ratings on this product |
5/5 Hearts!
I am giving it a 5/5 not because it's a sponsored product, well the photo is the best proof that it really improved my skin condition! To add on, I just ordered another two tubes with my own money :)

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Sent from Althea for their 1st Birthday Box Blogger Shoutout but the products are chosen by me. 

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Just contact me x
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