Hi there! Always been looking out for a salon that has a good hairstylist and great ambience? Are you afraid of going to the salon every single time? Ya me too in fact and I was glad I took up the chance to go for their services :p Plus I have a 30% discount code for you guys at the bottom of this post!

Location: 62 Cecil Street #01-00, 049710
Nearest Mrt: Raffles Place Station
Contact Number: 6737 5433
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 10am-7pm
Sat: 11am-3pm, Sun: Closed (Weekends strictly by appointment)

I took Grab car down that day as I was about to be late for my appointment which was at 12. I arrived about 11.45am.

They sell many products inside which you can take a look!

Chris helping me to touch up my roots, casually chatting and laughing. It's really important for me cause I feel very awkward easily / I will fall asleep which I did omg and my head was like moving around haha! So no worries, Chris is very funny and accommodating.

The ambience is very comfortable and warm, overall it looks very professional. The seats were comfy, the lightings were great, it was peaceful and I felt really relaxed. I didn't like salons during packed hours as the stylists might be tired and pekcek(annoyed) which always results in a bad hairdo.

Chris preparing to touch up  my roots.

My hair is in a complete mess lol.. Look at that dryness, it's just like grass. My black roots are like super black.

So I was told that I needed 2 rounds of bleaching for my roots before the grey dye. I like his pace, really meticulous, not too slow nor fast, also making sure no dyes got onto my face (You know how irritating it is cause it's hard to wash and some hairdressers just don't bother). While waiting he gave me magazines to read.

Left is round one of bleaching, Right is round two of bleaching.

They are layering on the grey dye for me. This one did hurt a little as the dyes were touching my scalp directly.
Anyway, the other guy is William. I think he does most of the blogger's hair. But I think I would still prefer Chris haha. 

Also, he helped me did a treatment as my hair was really damaged :/ 

The price list for various services.

Quote my blog site for 30% off hair services!  

My final summary of my experience at Classic:

| Environment |
~ The warm lightings and seatings are all very welcoming and comfortable.
~ You will be asked if you would like any tea/water(good service).
~ Not cluttered, more personal space which makes me feel so much better!

| Stylist |
~ Friendly and meticulous.
~ Will try to make you feel comfortable by making jokes haha.
~ Professional.

| Pricing |
~ I think with a 30% discount it would be very worth it.
~ The price is about/on par with shopping centre salons. So it's still reasonable.

| Quality&Service | 
~ Good service, everyone was very friendly.
~ My colour did last, it's about 5 days and it's still quite blue.
~ Chris avoid the bleach touching my scalp except during the final color. 
~ Wiped off any bleach that was on the side of my face.

* It's very funny when the towel accidentally removed some of my foundation on my forehead and he was like omg oops hahah and apologised. So, anyway ladies do bring your compact cushions cause you will definitely need a touch up haha!

| Disclaimer |
~~Above are my actual thoughts. All thoughts are based on what I truly feel.
~ Services are sponsored. 

Have questions?
Just contact me x
Till the next time!


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